Sbrinz ageing cellar –

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In the heart of the city of Lucerne lies a jewel. We’re not talking about the Kapellbrücke (Chapel Bridge) or the imposing water tower, or even the KKL, the Lucerne Art and Congress Centre – no, we’re talking about the venerable Sbrinz cheese storehouse in Lucerne’s St. Karli district.


Built as long ago as 1926, the Sbrinz cheese storehouse in the cellars of EMMI Schweiz AG continues to serve its purpose today. Some of the Sbrinz cheese dairies that are still in production today already delivered their cheese at that time to Emmental AG Luzern, as EMMI Schweiz AG was called until just a few years ago. The storehouse, part of which is located under the river Reuss, is impressive even today. Up to 60 000 wheels of Sbrinz AOP can be stored here, in an upright rather than horizontal position.


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