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A high-quality cheese made from first-class milk – the most natural thing in the world!

Sbrinz has been around since the 13th century. It popped up in historical texts for the first time in the year 1530. Today, the cheese is still produced as it was in the olden days: from faultlessly fresh raw milk. There is a good reason for this: a top-quality product requires first-class raw materials. This naturalness is what characterises Sbrinz – from the suppliers, the Sbrinz cows, which eat only grass and hay – to the cheese itself, which contains no additives and is lactose-free. The stringent production requirements for the cheese are set out in the AOP specifications. From A to Z – the most natural thing in the world!


Sbrinz production in detail

From fresh milk to finished product: this exciting process still contains the same work steps as many centuries ago, even though technology has been incorporated in many fields. Get to know the individual stages of cheese production and find out how you yourself can make cheese.

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In Central Switzerland, everything is ‘slow speed ahead’. Sbrinz cheesemakers know that slow and steady wins the race – and in the case of Sbrinz the flavour as well. Ever since the 16th century, Sbrinz has been made traditionally by hand in copper vats. Production is in perfect harmony with nature: apart from raw milk, rennet, cultures and salt, Sbrinz does not contain any other ingredients or additives. Because genuine quality doesn’t need any tricks.


Cheese with character

A cheese with character – Sbrinz is an extra-hard full-fat cheese containing 45% of fat in dry matter. It needs time to mature, lots of time. The minimum age for consumption is 18 months when Sbrinz has become ideal for slicing. However, it takes 24-26 months to develop its full flavour. In addition, it is the only Swiss cheese that may be savoured in three different ways.

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Great recipes for cooking yourself

Sbrinz is a wonderful cheese for both aperitifs and salads: when rolled, sliced or broken into chunks, it gives fillings for vegetables, pasta or meat a delicious flavour. It also lends itself to savoury pastries or browning. Professional cooks appreciate Sbrinz for its fabulous aroma: it is completely on a par with, or even superior to, its Italian counterpart! Convince yourself of its unique taste, which is still entirely “Made in Switzerland”!