Full of character

From the heart of Switzerland

Sbrinz – a cheese as unique as its area of origin

Those with some character themselves also wants to taste character. The more mature the Sbrinz, the more aromatic its taste. The minimum age for consumption is 18 months, ideally as wafer-thin sliced curls to get the fine taste on the tongue. After 24 months, Sbrinz develops its full flavour. And now you get to choose how you want to enjoy Sbrinz: as country-style Sbrinz chunks with a good wine or as a spicy grated cheese for pasta, risotto or gratin. No other cheese offers so much variety – and so much character!


Thumbnail sketches of Sbrinz producers

Original, down-to earth, characterful, independent and distinctive – Sbrinz embodies all aspects of a high-quality cheese. A cheese that is as unique as its area of origin. Produced primarily in the Central Swiss cantons of Obwalden, Nidwalden, Lucerne and Zug, Sbrinz enjoys an excellent reputation. It is made in 26 selected valley and alpine cheese dairies – mainly in Central Switzerland. To produce Sbrinz, only milk from the region is processed, after which the cheese is also stored in the area of origin, thereby eliminating long, unecological transport routes.

Cheese dairies

Production and storage facilities at a glance

Rough but tender – just like its area of origin: apart from two exceptions, Sbrinz is made and stored exclusively in the heart of Switzerland. The tangy extra-hard cheese is manufactured near Mount Pilatus in the Central Swiss mountain and valley cheese dairies with much love and genuine craftsmanship. The centrepiece of Sbrinz production is the storage facility in Lucerne – St. Karli, where the aromatic, spicy gold ripens into a true taste experienc

Production at a glance

Experiencing Sbrinz

Sbrinz maturing cellar – Open sesame!

In the middle of Lucerne lies a real jewel. Here, we are not talking about the Chapel Bridge, the imposing water tower or the Culture and Convention Centre. No, we are talking about the venerable Sbrinz cheese warehouse in Lucerne’s St. Karli district. Built back in 1926, the Sbrinz maturing warehouse in the basement of EMMI Schweiz AG still serves the same purpose today. Some of the Sbrinz cheese dairies that are still operating used to deliver their cheese to EMMI Schweiz AG back then. The warehouse, part of which is situated below the level of the Reuss River, is as impressive as ever. Up to 60,000 cheese wheels can be stored here in an upright position, not horizontal.

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Immerse yourself in the world of St. Karli and learn more about the history, production, storage and characteristics of Sbrinz AOP. Visits, which are rounded off by a small aperitif, last about one hour in all. Bookings can only be made on weekdays, during normal office opening hours. The flat rate for groups of up to 15 persons maximum is CHF 300. Tours can also be arranged outside these hours.

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